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Episode 34 – Crisis Coach: Scott H. Silverman

Tina Marie, Scott H. Silverman

1 year ago

Join Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as she has a very engaging conversation with a crisis coach, Scott H. Silverman. Scott works in the field of addiction and helps families navigate loved ones to access treatment and find the best resources suitable for each family. He also runs a rehab facility called "Confidential Recovery". It's an outpatient facility for working professionals to keep their jobs and lifestyle but also go to treatment. Scott shares his strange encounters with non-profits and the Veterans Association (VA) on his journey to reach out to people in the direst need of help. Be sure to check out Scott's book, "Tell Me No, I Dare You!" in the link below. His challenge to all of the fans listening to this interview is to call him on his direct cell phone number if you are going through a crisis and need help. He is offering 15 minutes free consultation no matter where you are located.

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