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Episode 41 – How to Catch a Liar

Tina Marie, Rob, Cammy from "Mythstorie"

3 months ago

00:00 We're back! Tina Marie and Rob introduce their favorite returning guest, Cammy from back to the show, give some excuses on why they've been MIA, and explain the project they've been working on. Nov. 29-Dec. 3 We play this awesome song: "Rasta Fumes" by TR3KK ONE

03:00 Movements gestures, things liars may say or do. The potential awkwardness of people that stare at mouths when they talk.

06:00 "Journeymen liars," little white lies. Criminal suspects during interrogation, and how you can use this special tip to catch a liar. The importance of understanding body language.

12:15 That "gut instinct" you should never ignore, somehow paired up with a random "Reservoir Dogs" reference. We assess smile lines and our own wrinkles for some reason. Tina Marie's cat makes an appearance and she gets really sidetracked.

14:40 Nervous ticks, microexpressions, lie detectors/polygraphs, and physiological responses a liar might have. Cammy gives Tina Marie a friendly reminder that they're doing an audio podcast and no one can see her arm-flailing example.

24:15 Cammy demands a quiz and we can't help but give in. Somehow we end up solving a few "liar" mysteries together. We prove to the world we're actually semi-experts at being human lie-detectors.

30:00 When do liars clear their throat? Before, during, or after the lie? Also, a huge shout out to Alex Hylton of That's Strange podcast, another co-founder of Indie Pods United, and graphic designer for the event: A Mr. Meeseeks impersonation that we aren't quite sure about.

37:00 We do some random improv acting as "liars" in annoyingly high-pitched voices. Cammy owns Rob and Tina Marie by answering a series of questions with... more questions, at lightning speed.

47:00 Dropping some knowledge on anyone holding the truth back from loved ones, etc. and other insightful commentary that doesn't last entirely too long.

51:00 One of the panel members tells an insane tale of almost being convicted of arson.

55:00 We love Pinecast. "THEY HAVE A TIP JAR."

55:30 "Lying is EXHAUSTING," one of the panel members goes full on Shirley Temple and nobody knows what triggered it. Also, a fire outro song you should stay for: "Dancing With The Devil" by: Bonkers Beat Club





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